Jesus and God

conversations about the way of Jesus and the kingdom of God

Can We Ever Love Our Country Too Much?

  Our current national debate about Colin Kaepernick and how to honor the American flag and country raises a vital question: Is it possible to love our country too much?   Jesus said some outlandish things.  Here is one of them.   “Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy …

What’s Wrong with the Social Gospel?

What’s wrong with the social gospel is the implication that you can have a gospel that is not social.

Ten Commandments: God’s and Mine

If I was God and I was going to give the world “Ten Commandments” for life, they might look like this:   1. Thou shall not drive UNDER the speed limit. 2. Thou shall not enter the express checkout lane with 32 items. 3. Thou shall not write, sing, play, or even contemplate country music. …

How to buy a house for under $10,000

Let me give you a few key tips for buying a house for under $10,000:   1.  Look for a real estate agent who does side work as a comedian. That is the only place where he/she will make money from your home sale.   2.  Start selling furniture in your current house that will …